Price: $123 123 123
26 November 2014
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Submitted by: TuCXZxhkmM US

9 August 2013
Receiving health care facilities is the right of every person. The industry providing these services must expand with the increasing population. Bayonne, United States, has got a sudden growth in the health care facilities. The number of hospitals and medical centers here has grown tremendously since the last few years. Some of these hospitals offer a high quality medical service with world class facilities. These are well equipped with modern equipments with state of the art technologies to provide the best health care to the people of the States.
Submitted by: kamal1454 US
Price: $3 100
27 November 2012
This was the TOTAL self pay price for bi-lateral hernia repair with mesh. It included the surgeon's fee, anesthesiology fee, and the surgery center fee. All inclusive. I came from CO to MD specifically for surgery at Affordable Hernia Surgery with Dr. Kravitz. FYI, one side would have been $1900. I was very satisfied with Dr. Kravitz's business model of all-in-one price. The doctor and surgery center were excellent. It took me about 4-5 weeks to completely recover. Since I do not have insurance, I could not have had my hernia's repaired anywhere else.
Submitted by: jsmith US
Price: $24 000
16 November 2012
$24000 ( total paid by myself and insurance, includes hospital charges, anesthesiologist, surgeon, lab). OUTPATIENT lumpectomy of both sides @ Scripps Encinitas CA
Submitted by: dmain US
Price: $37 000
7 September 2012
44,600.00 ins /screw, triple lead 6.5x44mm 2 28,616.00 dbm chip 2 19,060.00 crazy bcbsla
Submitted by: Anonymous (location not verified)
Price: $137
12 August 2012
I am an Amercian working in Kuwait this is what I paid out of pocket. Why does not the USA have Goverment Hospitals.
Submitted by: Rick KW
Price: $38 000
12 July 2012
My insurance was great but I still had a lot out of pocket ($4000). I'm just soooo glad to not have pain anymore!
Submitted by: Rita US